About the Farm

Hometown Farm strives to provide Rockport and the surrounding North Shore community with access to delicious, locally grown produce. The produce is grown using organic methods and sustainable farming practices that do not use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Instead, we focus on using locally made compost and increasing biodiversity in the field. Choosing crop varieties and growing techniques that naturally repel pests and diseases reduce the need to use any toxic chemical.

We are grateful to have the opportunity to grow vegetables on one acre of the oldest working farm on Cape Ann. The Lane family at Seaview Farm has been caretaking this land in Rockport, MA for over 175 years and now we will be doing our part to help steward this land. We look forward to providing healthy, locally grown food, to our community here on Cape Ann.

Sarah grew up in Rockport and has always envisioned establishing a farm in her hometown. Zach grew up in Norfolk, MA and started farming in his hometown after high school. In 2015, they established Zeigler’s Market Garden where they run a CSA and attend local farmers markets. Today Sarah and Zach now collaboratively run Hometown Farm to provide produce in both communities.

Sarah and Zach first started farming in Rockport during the 2020 season. With the generous help and support of Ken and Regina Lane at Seaview Farm, the fields were cultivated to establish a fresh start for our first season growing for the Cape Ann community.

Sarah started her farming career in High School at Moraine Farm in Beverly and also spent time at Three Sisters Garden Project in Ipswich. Through these experiences and her time at Backyard Growers in Gloucester, Sarah developed skills to grow good food and pursue her passion of incorporating farm-based education into the mission of the farm.

Zach started farming in High School as well. He spent the next several years working at White Barn Farm in Wrentham, MA and learned from Farmers Christie and Chris Khantlener. He then worked at many other farms in Southeastern MA and Western MA during college. In 2016 he started attending farmers markets and established a small CSA, Zeiglers Market Garden, back in his hometown of Norfolk, MA.

Sarah and Zach met in College at the Stockbridge School of Agriculture and have been farming together ever since. Zach and Sarah hope to build strong local agriculture movements in both of their hometowns and work hard to provide fresh produce for their friends, family, and communities.